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Related post: Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 12:50:54 -0700 (PDT) From: Rob Hoek Subject: Out of the DesertOut of the Desert By Storyguy22 The straight-as-an-arrow and seemingly endless ribbon of asphalt ahead of me shimmered under the heat waves generated by the hot mid-day desert sun. This being my umpteenth crossing of the Utah desert, I should dark pedo preteen have known better thumb photo preteen than to make this long trek at mid-day, but what the hell, the AC models preteen xxx was blowing cold and steady and the CD player filled the cavernous motor home with the soothing tones of George Strait as he crooned his latest album titled "50 number ones." I was ferrying the motor home from its point of manufacture in Nebraska to the dealership located in my Northern California hometown, a satisfying part time endeavor that I had undertaken in lieu of a real job shortly after I had been blessed with a substantial monetary inheritance from preteen xxx pass some distant Uncle I had hardly even known. Why he had chosen me to bequeath his impressive fortune to I had no clue, but I had been eternally grateful from the very first day that my bank account had begun to reflect a very respectable balance. The windfall had enabled me to walk away from the corporate rat-race at the tender age of forty, and after a year of dedicating myself to some extensive investment research aided by the skillful talents of a highly respected, and very costly investment little child preteen advisor, I was pretty much set for life without needing to concern myself with where my next meal might come from. cute nudes preteen The issue of my financial future settled, I had soon grown bored and somewhat rudderless regarding my day to day life, and I had thus found my way to the pastime of delivering motor homes from America's heartland to the West coast. While the cross-country trips were somewhat on deflowered preteen model the lonely side, they did provide enough variety of scenery and adventure to make it interesting, and I had soon discovered that no two trips were ever the same, each crossing giving some life and personality of its own. The solitude never really bothered me given that I had been a bit of a loner most of my life. It was a preteen images bare personality trait that lent itself well to my being a gay man who had traditionally shunned any sort of real commitment to relationships, preferring instead to just keep things of a romantic nature as simple as possible as I strived to keep drama and confusion out of my life. smooth preteen nudists I dated some, mostly confined to a kind of friends with benefits level of relationship, and the occasional one night stand sort of activity kept my horns trimmed, and my personal life pretty much stress free. I had learned early on, back in my high school days actually, that the committed gay life style rarely worked out, and after suffering greatly when one of my early relationships of a serious nature had gone sour, I vowed to never again subject myself to that level of pain, and unhappiness. I was definitely a subscriber to the KISS philosophy when it came to matters of sex and the heart, to wit, Keep It Simple, Stupid. The motor home rolled effortlessly down a preteen boys bath long hill, and then began to lose speed as I made the long uphill pull that climbed out of the deep swale in the desert floor, and as I crested the top of the hill, I was surprised to see a hitchhiker in the distance. He was standing near the edge of the shimmering pavement, and my first thought after the surprise of seeing anyone out here in the middle of nowhere was how hot it must be standing out there waiting for what generally amounted to about one vehicle per hour preteen hot latins passing along this remote stretch of hiway. As I shot past him I noticed that the hitcher was a boy, or at least a young man, and I preteen brasil models had to chuckle at the expression of sheer desperation on his face, and the mock prayer positioning of his hands as he actually bowed from the waist as I went by him, an obvious black preteens sex pleading for me to stop for him. I quickly removed my foot from the accelerator, and went for the brakes, steering the coach toward the edge of the pavement preteen model book as it slowly rolled to a stop some hundred yards past he boy. I glanced into the right side mirror as I shifted to reverse, and began backing up toward the kid as he jogged in my direction. Our paths converged, and I stopped the motor home as he stumbled to a stop at the passenger side door, huffing and hot preteens galleries sweating from his jog. He pulled open the door, and looked up at me, a wide smile crossing his handsome face as even rows of startling white teeth flashed into view. "Oh man, Mister...thanks...I am SO glad you stopped!" he panted. I returned the smile, and nodded as I replied, "I could hardly believe I actually saw you standing there...I thought at first you had to be some kind of desert mirage or something...what the hell are you doing out in this heat, and nothingness...?" He was getting his breath back to normal now, and he flashed me another of those high wattage grins, as he shook his head, and answered, "I was ridding my dirt bike on those dunes way out there...and the freaking thing just up and stopped running...I left my truck clear over on the far side of dunes...way too far to walk in this I decided to come this direction instead when I saw the was closer, but still a long-ass way to hike in this damned heat...!" "I must be, like, over a hundred preteen cute candid out there...well anyway...climb up in here bud...and shut the damned door!" I told him. preteen modelos t He pulled himself up into the cab, and settled into the high-back captain's chair as he pulled his tee shirt over his head. While he used the shirt to mop the sweat from his face, I seized the opportunity to check out his lithe body, and trust me; I very much liked what I saw. He had one of those swimmer kinds of builds, solid and lean while not preteen yr old being overly muscled. His chest and stomach were smooth and well tanned, and I let my gaze linger on the dark circles of his nipples. As he swabbed the back of his neck with the shirt, the small tufts of hair at his underarms was exposed, and I felt a sudden desire to lick that creamy bbs preteen boys skin, the fuck preteen scent of his perspiration vivid in my imagination. He was wearing a pair of those satiny basketball shorts, and the smooth material had gathered nicely in his bulging lap, and I felt a flood of saliva inside my mouth as I imagined the treasures that lurked there behind the silky cloth. Boxers or briefs, I wondered fleetingly, and then I let my eyes drift down over his well developed legs. They were, I noted, as smooth as his torso, the area from knee to ankle showing a dusting of nude preteen are light colored fine hair. His feet ilegal preteens nude were ensconced in a pair backdoors preteen of well worn tennis shoes and those ankle high socks, and they appeared overly large for his body size, which made me wonder briefly about the old adage regarding a connection between foot size, and the male appendage. As he completed his hygienic efforts, I forced myself to stop perving his body, and I shifted my gaze upward to meet his. In addition to a very nice young body, I decided, he preteen nude images was as cute as he could be, his boyish good looks enhanced by his sparkling smile, and his very blue eyes. I guessed him to be about sixteen or seventeen, and I chastised myself for the sexual connotation of my thoughts given our age difference. He smiled at me again, and for the first time I noticed the bondage for preteens deep caves of dimples that appeared in his smooth cheeks when he grinned. I smiled back at him, and preteen nake tgp asked, "Feel better now...? actually don't look too much worse for wear now that you are out of that heat." He nodded enthusiastically, and replied, "Yea, I'm good AC sure feels awesome...!" I nodded my agreement, and as I turned my attention back to the hiway, I managed to get the coach rolling again as I told the boy that there was cold bottled water in the ice chest between our seats. He reached down to open the chest, and when he came out with a bottle in his hand, preteen zoo stories he quickly opened it, and all but drained the contents in one go. Settling back against the seat, he exhaled loudly as he muttered, ", that is excellent...thanks!" I nodded, and as the next few miles swept under the motor home, we covered the basics with regard to the logistics of where we were, and the fact that the nearest town of any size was about 2 hours away. As fate would have it, he had an Aunt and Uncle who lived preteen nudist movie there, so his getting back to his preteen cp pics disabled bike, and ultimately home, would not be an issue mexican preteen pictures once we reached there. Those preteens acting sexy issues being settled, our conversation shifted to a more personal level, and I learned that his name preteens making out was Scotty, and that he was in fact the tender age of sixteen, though his seventeenth birthday loomed just weeks away. Some gentle probing on my part revealed that he was from a small high dessert town where he had lived his entire life, his father being a manager of a large mining operation that pretty much kept the small and desolate town preteen porn erotica alive. In accordance with his sheltered upbringing, he was pretty much unwise in the ways of the world, and further gentle probing made it clear that his social outlets were very much limited in the way that was typical of all small towns, that is to say that in such environments everyone knew everyone else's business, and as a result he had thus far been denied any sort of sexual outlet save for the infrequent covert perusal of a limited amount of internet searching of preteen sexual spanking erotic preteen gymnastic pics websites. His parents, it seemed, were more computer savvy preteen model 15yo than average, and much to his frustration they had a more than adequate installation of net-nanny software which prevented him from accessing the more explicit sites that were abundant pre teen fashions on the World Wide Web. His primary release for his pent up sexual pressures was a virile imagination coupled with frequent masturbation, an outlet that was clearly less than ultimate for a healthy sixteen year old boy, but, he grudgingly admitted, jerking off was better than nothing at all. Agreeing, I told him, "Can't argue illegal download preteen with preteen nymphets nubile that, Dude...I always kind of figured that's why God made a pre teen vids guys arms long enough for his hands to reach his dick...and I bet you have a great looking cock, too." He chuckled at my remark about arms length, and then he top preteen incest turned toward me, a quizzical expression crossing his cute face. After contemplating my comment a moment, he lifted his eyebrows into an arch as he let his expression change over to one of coyness, and he said softly, "I guess it's...okay...nothing special..." I reached over and ruffled his soft hair as I told him, "No point in being modest, they say...if you got it...flaunt it...and I'm a free preteen betting that you definitely got fact...I'd really like to see it...!" A silence followed that lingered long enough that I started to worry I had overstepped some preteen brazil panties line with that last comment. I was right on the verge of offering some kind of apology when he swiveled his head toward me, and kind of croaked, "You want to see my...cock...?...why...?" I released my breath, relief sweeping joung preteens over me that he apparently wasn't going to freak on me after all, and I nodded as I gave him a lpreteens angels brief but fully serious look, and replied, ass preteen pic keeping my voice as even as possible, "Why...?...well, the truth is that I like cock a lot, Scotty...and it's been a while since I've seen one as young and, I'm sure, special like yours...but hey, if it's cms model preteen a major issue for you Dude...forget it." Another silence ensued, and from the corner of my eye I watched him think about it as we pedo boy preteen rolled along. Finally, he gave a small shrug of his shoulders, and then turned his face toward me and said very softly, "I don't know, man...seriously...I mean're a guy, you know?" I glanced at him, conceding the point as I replied, " never showed another guy your cock before...?" He shook his head, then paused and said, " a way, I guess...I mean, like, gym class and stuff...and me and some friends have been skinny dipping a few yea...but not to just, like, show know...?..." I preteen xxxxx nodded my head, a quick visual of Scotty and his buddies all naked and grab-assing in russian preteen lesbian some pond, or creek, all those preteen free mpeg sweet teen cocks and balls swinging around, and I shuddered slightly as I answered, "Well there you go then...not preteen illegal free really a lot of difference the way I see it...but hey...suit yourself." Another silent pause, and I felt my pulse pick up pace as he seemed to reach some sort of conclusion. He looked over at me, and actually blushed a little as he muttered, "I guess I can show it to's a little weird, but I teenage preteen model can do it, I't mila preteen model going to touch it or anything though, right...?" I made a solemn if wise-ass show of crossing my heart with my fingers as I winked preteen beauty stars at him, and said, "Not if you don't want me to I won't..." He gave a curt nod, and then adjusted his position on the seat as his hand dropped down to this crotch, and my heart rate slid toward the top of the chart. I shifted my gaze back and forth from the arrow-straight hiway to his crotch while he fumbled around with his shorts, hesitating again, so to encourage him I told him, "Just slid those down, Scotty...take them right off, and let that bad boy out..." He glanced at me, a boyish grin lifting the corners of his mouth as he blushed some more, and released a nervous little giggle. His fingers slipped quickly under the elastic band of the shorts, and as I gasped under my breath, he tugged the shorts, and as it turned out, his briefs, right down to his preteen tiny ankles. He sat back then, a loud sigh escaping his chest as he closed his eyes, and dropped russion preteen sex his hands nervously to his sides, opening his treasures fully to my hungry gaze. My god, he was beautiful! While not especially large, his thick and well shaped penis rested atop the plump pouch of his heavy balls, not yet hard, but also not fully flaccid. He was preteen japanese nudist neatly circumcised, the plum shaped head a preteen girl nude perfect knob at nudes girl preteen the end of his wide shaft, and I longed to lap at the tiny slit that glistened wetly at its center. I gulped, my mouth suddenly full of saliva, preteen 10yo 12yo and then I said, my voice thick with lust, "Damn, Scotty...I knew it...its have a really beautiful cock...and balls...damn...!" spandex preteen gallery He shivered, his hand instinctively moving to grasp his cock as he began to slowly toy with it, and I gulped again as it immediately began to thicken, and rise off his sack. His eyes were still tightly shut, but he was definitely warming to the event as he began to rhythmically stroke its now nearly erect length. A few pumps into it, he passed his thumb across the wide head, the oozing fluid there smearing over the purple hued knob as he let out a small groan. Realizing that preteen cameltoe com I had not actually promised to not touch him, only if he objected, I reached over with legal little preteen a trembling hand, and nudged his fist out of the way as I firmly gripped that rigid teen meat. I stroked it, reveling in the amazing hardness little nubile preteen that can only be achieved by teen males, and I savored the silky warmth of it as it slid through my fist. He shuddered strongly, and muttered, "Ah aren't supposed to touch me, man...Jeez...!" I chuckled, my thumb working that tiny little slit as I fisted the thick shaft, and I told him, speaking the utter truth, "I just can't help myself's just too perfect...God, this feels so amazing...!" He shuddered again, his head nodding as he blurted, "Yea...for sure...I can't even believe how great that feels...way better than touching it myself...oh man...!" My concentration was seriously shot to hell now, and I worried that I might just crash the motor home as I diverted my full attention to the beautiful boy cock that slid through my hand, and I said, sandra preteen forum "Scotty...take over here for a minute Dude...I need to get off the road before we wreck the rig...then we can really get into some fun...!" As I reluctantly amsterdam preteen girls released his pulsing boyhood, he quickly grasped it again, his fist resuming the steady pumping he had going on before while I quickly scanned the terrain for a place to pull off asia preteens pics the road. It was no easy feat, trust me, with my eyes flickering between the road and the delicious teen fisting his even more delicious cock fotos preteen years beside me, but I finally managed it, turning the motor home onto a dirt track leading away from the paved road. A few yards off the hiway I uk preteens stopped, and turned off the motor as I returned my attention back to the flushed and panting boy. He met my gaze, preteen sites pics his creamy smooth cheeks flushed and glowing with his mounting excitement as he flashed me a preteen nonude pics coy little smile, and said, "This is really watching me play with myself...!" preteen petite cuties "Really...? I replied, "I think it's totally hot...but hey...if it's less weird for you, let me take over...!" and I reached for his rigid cock once more. "OH my God...that's so weird too...but feels amazing...!" I chuckled, savoring the silky hardness sliding through my grip, and I leaned closer to him so my other hand could explore those heavy balls that bulged between his smooth thighs. The position was awkward, and less than optimum to be sure, so I let his treasures go long enough to pull myself out of my seat, and scoot around the consol so that I ended up in the expansive space nonude preteens young of the coach's living room preteen oriental photos area. My agreement with the dealership I delivered to was that I was not to disturb the interior of the motor home during my trip, but I decided that sitting on the leather ottoman would not constitute a violation of that agreement, so I pulled it forward, and sat down on it. Releasing the lever at the base of Scotty's seat, I swung it around on the swivel mount so that it faced the rear of the coach and brought Scotty's pulsing boyhood just about to japanese preteen supermodels my eye level. Much better, I decided, and I winked at him as I ran my fingers lightly along his inner thighs until I reached his jewels. He shuddered, and groaned softly as I again cupped his plump pouch in one hand and his rampant erection in the other as I resumed my exploration of his impressive equipment. He settled back in the seat, and splayed his legs, giving me all the access to his cock and balls that I could ask for. Clearly he was enjoying this, weird or not, and I russian preteen lo settled into a rhythm of steady stroking as I toyed with his balls and inner thighs. His narrow hips bucked back and forth to match my strokes, and I admired the sculpted form of his rigid cock, as I told him, "You have a really beautiful cock, Scotty...and nice big balls too...I'm betting they are going to give me a nice load of hot cum when the time that right, Scotty...?...are these hot balls going to shoot a nice big load for me...?..." "Oh God...yes...oh man...this is so amazing...feels so good...I'm for sure gonna cum a ton...jeez...!" he hissed, his incredible blue eyes locked onto my hands busy in his crotch. "Good boy,,,? I told him, "when did you shoot it last, Scotty...?...and where...?...and how...? to me, Scotty-boy...tell me all about it...!" "Oh was, like, last Sunday...I faked not feeling good so I got to stay home when the parents went to church...oh THAT again...ohhhh...and all naked in my room...and...ohhh man...laying on my bed...touching myself...all hard...ohhh man...!" He muttered, his head rolling on the high back seat as his excitement grew. "Oh yea...nice...I can nude preteen virgins imagine how hot you looked...naked and hard...rolling around on your bed while you touched!" He stiffened suddenly, his hips thrusting against my grip, and I watched the preteen lesbian bbs tiny slit preteens model russian of his dark cock head ooze forth a tear-drop of clear fluid. Fearing he might cum, I stopped stroking his throbbing meat and just squeezed the shaft firmly as he settled down again, a loud sigh escaping his lungs. I leaned in, and extended my tongue, and then swiped away that sweet nectar that had oozed from his overheated balls, galleries preteen incest and he shuddered strongly at the contact of my tongue with his sensitive cock head. The slightly acrid taste of his juices brought my taste preteens real buds to life, preggo preteen and I pulled his rigid stalk forward as I leaned in, and ran my tongue all over the knob of his cock while I continued to squeeze his shaft and roll his tender balls in my fingers. "OHHhhh jeez...!" he barked, and I chuckled, and then licked his swollen knob some more, looking up at him so that he could clearly see my tongue working over his leaking head. "' cock...oh man...oh God...!" "Uh-hum..." I mumbled, and let my flicking tongue trail down webcam preteen pictures the length of his cock before I licked all over his crinkled scrotum, pushing at his balls with my preteen undressed pictures tongue. He tensed up; his legs reflexively going wider as I tongue washed his heavy pouch, and then carefully captured each tender nugget inside my mouth. preteen nubile nudist The scent of him was making me light headed, a heady mixture of pure young boy, nonnude preteen mpegs and the lingering perspiration from his dessert trek, and I sucked his balls with abandon, alternating between them. Scotty photos preteen bikini emitted a steady cadence of low moans and groans, and I felt his rigid shaft pulsing in my grip, and I backed off his amateur preteens com balls then, and ran my tongue up the length of his preteen seduction lovers cock until I once more took the plum shaped head between my lips. I sucked firmly, my tongue-tip stabbing at his leaking slit as another burst of his tart flavor washed over my taste buds. "OH's too much...I'm on amazing...!" he chanted, his breathing ragged and shallow. His hips had begun a steady preteen underwear pictures humping, his wide cock pumping in and out of my drooling mouth, and I let him take over as I closed my mouth firmly around his stalk as he began fucking my mouth. I tasted his steadily flowing precum, and I tugged at his balls as he picked up the pace of his thrusting. He was on the edge, I was sure of it, and I suddenly had a sense of mixed emotions with part mistress pre teen of me eager to have his pulsing boyhood explode and flood my mouth with preteen nude special his creamy essence while another part of me wanted to witness the eruption as it occurred, visualizing thick streamers of his boy-honey arching into the air and splattering everywhere. While my frenzied mind struggled with which of those equally tantalizing events I wanted the most, Scotty made the choice for me, his rampant erection suddenly bucking inside my mouth, and then spewing forth repeated bursts of warm, thick nectar. As the first of several ejaculations flooded my already full mouth, I gulped reflexively, relishing the sensation of the slick warm honey sliding down my throat as another, and another, and then another equally voluminous offering took its place. I actually thought he was never going to stop as I struggled to keep pace with his powerful spewing. Each forceful spurt of cum was accented by a sharp grunt from Scotty, his slender body racked with spasms as his balls drained their pent up contents until at last he was spent, and he sagged weakly against the seat, deep gasps of ragged breath raveling his lungs as he slid along the downside of his powerful orgasm. I swallowed down the last of his tasty offering, and then lifted my head off his rapidly wilting boyhood, and looked up at his stunned face. I grinned, making a show of swiping my tongue over my lips as I savored the lingering aftertaste preteen sex pixs of his discharge, and he flashed a shy expression as his cute face turned a crimson shade. I winked at him, and he shook his head side to side as he stared back at me, his expression one of incredulity. "Yikes...I can't even believe it...that was...well...the most amazing thing that has dvd porno preteen ever happened to freaking are really something else...!" I chuckled, rubbing along the inside of his silky thighs and gently caressing his now gymnastics picture preteen very lose balls, and I replied, "Excellent...and you are pretty much amazing yourself, Scotty...really...I don't think I have ever experienced so much cum before...and every drop of it was delicious, are definitely the best desert mirage I have ever been blessed to encounter!" He giggled, his cute facing gong redder still as he shuddered strongly and said, "Yea...?...well...I can't tell you how happy I am that my dirt bike stopped running now...and that I decided to walk out to the 10yo preteen models hiway...!" "Now that I completely agree with, Scotty-boy...and you about six weeks or so I will be crossing this piece young preteens poseing of hiway, you know, if you happen to be in the neighborhood...well...!" He laughed, nodding his head as he raised his hand for a high-five which I returned, and he said, "Count on my being around, can japanese preteen galleries definitely preteen blog pics count on me...!"The End
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